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Welcome to our blog online at Denver Restorative Dentistry. On our blog, we will regularly publish valuable content. Come back often to see the latest from our prosthodontists and team.

Why You Might Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction To Restore Your Healthy Smile

Taking good care of your smile involves daily oral care and routine dental exams and cleanings. Even so, there are times when your oral health may still run into trouble. Whether from tooth damage or dental decay there are treatments that can address these issues and restore your mouth and smile back to full function and an aesthetic appearance. Our... read more »

Dental Gifts to Brighten Your Family’s Smiles!

The holidays are filled with good cheer, special moments and lots of gifts exchanged. When it comes to you and your family's smiles, what better gift to give than a healthy, beautiful smile that is thriving all year round! Especially since your oral health is so closely connected to your general health. You can support your family's dental health by... read more »

Tired of Dentures and Not Sure What You Can Do?

You’ve heard it since you were a little kid in the oversized dental chair—oral health is important. I don’t have to list the reasons, because your dentist has probably recited them all before. But, the idea that teeth are important—that teeth are powerful—is ancient and worldwide. In ancient Armenia, people used tools to modify and style teeth to distinguish powerful... read more »

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Maintain a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile

When it comes to your oral health, nothing beats preventative care to keep your smile healthy, strong and beautiful. An unhealthy smile doesn't just feel bad, but it looks bad too when you have decaying or missing teeth. This can make you feel self-conscious and afraid to smile, costing you diminished self-confidence. At-Home Routine (Brush and Floss) Our prosthodontists and... read more »

Take Care of Your Dentures

Are you new to dentures and not sure how to care for them properly? If so, we can help you! Dentures are a common form of smile restoration, and they need proper care and treatment to stand the test of time. Without proper care, you could place your dentures at risk for damage or the need for repairs. Our prosthodontists,... read more »

Things That Can Damage Your Teeth

Are you involved in daily habits that put your teeth at risk? Did you know that there are things you can eat or do each day that can lead to severe pain or damage to your tooth enamel? Yes, it’s true! Your teeth are important and need to be taken care of properly. That is why it is essential to... read more »