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Our prosthodontists, Dr. Taylor Goggins, Dr. Brian Aguirre, Dr. Anna Pitz and Dr. Ralf Poineal, and team have helped countless patients lead more satisfying lives by creating healthier, more attractive smiles. Our doctors can utilize various procedures to help you obtain the smile you have always wanted. We invite you to look through our smile gallery here to see how we’ve helped patients regain confidence in their smile and functionality of their teeth.  
Crowns – Single, Multiple & Full Mouth
If your smile has been damaged, we can restore the health, function and beauty of your smile using a single, multiple or even a full mouth of crowns. Our prosthodontists will make sure your smile is beautiful and functional.
If you are missing a tooth, our prosthodontists may recommend that you use a dental bridge to quickly replace the missing tooth. A bridge is minimally invasive and, in the right circumstances, can effectively restore your smile.
At Denver Restorative Dentistry, our prosthodontists and lab technicians will custom make your complete and partial dentures. Our prosthodontists and team will make sure your dentures fit comfortably, function properly and look the way you want.
Implant Supported Dentures
If you want a stable, long-lasting solution for tooth loss, our prosthodontists may recommend that you try hybrid implant dentures, also known as implant supported dentures. These dentures are held in place by a series of dental implants, allowing you to have a stable dental restoration.
For a permanent solution for tooth loss, our prosthodontists may suggest dental implants. With this procedure, your replacement tooth will be surgically placed into your jawbone, giving you a stable, long-lasting natural-looking dental restoration.
Dental veneers and bonding are a great way to improve or hide cosmetic imperfections in your smile. If you need dental veneers, our skilled prosthodontists will place a thin, porcelain shell over your affected teeth, creating the appearance of straighter, brighter teeth.

All the patients shown here were treated by Dr. Goggins, Dr. Aguirre, Dr. Pitz or Dr. Poineal. We offer comprehensive dentistry in Broomfield, Colorado. If you have any questions about our services, call our office at 303-586-1019. You can also schedule your appointment online here.

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