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Are you familiar with the effects of sedation dentistry and how it can influence your oral health? Sedation dentistry is a field of dentistry that is specifically designed to help calm and relax patients during their oral health care procedures. When visiting the dentist, speak with your dentist about your options for any treatments that you may need. Several options are available to calm and minimize stress and anxiety that may occur during your oral health care procedures.

If you’re looking for a sedative that provides a mild relaxant and doesn’t put you to sleep, consider the use of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas, is placed in a mask over a person’s mouth to provide them with a calming sensation that will wear off rather quickly.

If you require something a little stronger, consider an oral sedation through pill sedation. With a pill sedative, an individual can ingest a pill that can kick in roughly an hour later so that it appropriate treatments and procedures can be given. Dosages can be adjusted to either make you drowsy or place you in a state of sleep. Similar to pill sedation, intravenous sedation is effective because it can be monitored and adjusted. Unlike pill sedation through, intravenous sedation works almost immediately so that your dentist will be able to provide care shortly after the sedative is applied.

For the deepest level of sedation, general anesthesia will be needed. Anesthesia is provided as medications that will make you completely relaxed and take you to a state of either almost unconsciousness or total unconsciousness. Depending on what your dentist needs, they can put you into a state of deep sleep from which you will not awake, so the complex procedures and surgeries can be applied.

Are you attracted to the idea of sedation dentistry in Broomfield, Colorado? If so, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Taylor Goggins at our dental office by calling us at 303-586-1019. Denver Restorative Dentistry looks forward to enhancing your oral health care treatments with sedation dentistry.