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Even though tooth enamel is very strong, it can still be fractured. A tooth fracture is also known as a tooth crack, and it can occur when you apply unnatural pressure to the teeth, like when you use your teeth as tools or when you chew on things like ice, pens, and pencils.

When your tooth is cracked, it’s important to get it treated right away. This is because the longer you wait and the more pressure you apply to the tooth, the bigger the crack can get. As the crack grows, it can compromise the entire tooth and even infect the internal structures, like the pulp and nerve. This can result in extreme amounts of pain and discomfort. It’s important to avoid this as much as possible, which is why you need to visit your dentist, Dr. Taylor Goggins, as soon as possible.

The treatment involved in treating a cracked tooth varies depending on the severity of the crack. Your dentist will typically use a dental filling, a dental crown, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction to restore your oral health. To know if you need treatment, you need to look for the signs and symptoms. The most common symptoms include a sharp pain when using the tooth or tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and drinks.

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