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If you take good care of your teeth and gums, your natural teeth often remain healthy and strong for a lifetime of beautiful smiles! This means seeing your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups supplementing your own oral hygiene habits, brushing and flossing daily! But sometimes the unforeseen happens and you can lose a tooth because of an accident, decay or an extraction.

When something like this arises, you will want to replace the missing tooth to make sure your smile looks great and to keep your remaining teeth functioning properly without having to make up for that lost tooth. Keeping all of your teeth in place is what is needed to prevent your facial structure from becoming sunken, making you look older than you are. This is where our prosthodontists come into the picture.

Seeing a prosthodontist can help ensure that your smile is in the best of hands, and your dental care is top-notch. With three years of formal education and training past general dentistry under their belt, our prosthodontists give you the “extra mile” in dental care, making sure that your smile looks natural and the restoration fits perfectly.

At Denver Restorative Dentistry, our prosthodontists Dr. Taylor Goggins, Dr. Brian Aguirre and Dr. Anna Pitz are experts in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They perform a variety of dental treatments, including:

-Dental hybrids

With their training and experience, our prosthodontists will take excellent care of your smile, with your treatments customized to your needs. Our team also has a boutique in-house lab, where they are able to ensure the highest quality of your restorations, by working closely with our lab technicians. This allows you to get full-mouth restorations, or dental implants, dentures or customized shades. With the lab on-site, our prosthodontists can make adjustments as well as necessary changes during your appointment time.

Our Denver Restorative Dentistry team replaces lost teeth with natural-looking dental crowns that fit on top of the gums so that your new tooth looks and functions normally again. We use only the best quality materials such as zirconia or porcelain for your crown which can last for many years to come with proper care. While you are waiting for your permanent crown, if needed, we will provide you with a temporary crown. Our dental lab technicians have over 60 years of combined experience creating beautiful dental restorations like crowns, so our master ceramist can blend your new crown seamlessly with your natural teeth. Your final restoration will fit exactly as needed and appear flawless.

If you are looking for high-quality tooth replacements for missing teeth in your smile, you have come to the right place! Our team will have you joining other satisfied patients who love their new smiles! Do you live in the Broomfield, Denver, Boulder, Longmont or the surrounding areas? Are you looking to restore a tooth with a dental crown? If so, we welcome you to call our office today at 303-586-1019 to schedule a FREE consultation with Drs. Taylor Goggins, Brian Aguirre and Anna Pitz. We look forward to helping you feel good about your smile again!