Your teeth can withstand a lot of pressure, grinding, and bacteria, but once they become damaged or decayed, they need professional assistance to heal. Denver Restorative Dentistry provides dental crowns, or caps, to protect and restore your damaged teeth, and to cover dramatic aesthetic imperfections.

Other purposes dental crowns serve are to:

  • Anchor and attach a dental bridge
  • Complete a dental implant
  • Strengthen a fractured or weakened tooth
  • Support a large filling when little natural tooth structure remains

The issue many patients face when receiving a dental crown is the waiting period between the first and second visit, during which time they have to get by with a temporary crown. Dr. Goggins and Dr. Aguirre provide custom-made crowns using the CEREC one-visit restoration system. With CEREC, our team can create permanent, custom-made crowns in a single visit so that you can wear your new smile home after the very first day! That means no temporary crowns, no follow-up appointment, and no waiting.

We invite you to visit our office if you believe you may need a dental crown. Our dental team can help you determine whether a gold or porcelain crown is best for you. Give us a call today to learn more about CEREC dental crowns in Broomfield, Colorado, and to schedule your appointment with our prosthodontists.