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If you are about to receive a filling, you may be aware that some discomfort follows for a couple of days. This discomfort is natural, as your tooth or teeth might feel somewhat rebellious after the procedure. This discomfort should vanish after two days or so, but here are some things that might help you stay at ease as you recover.

Eat slowly and gently. If you can, chew with the side of your mouth that is opposite of the new filling. Also, try not to have your teeth bite on each other forcefully.

Sometimes sudden drops or rises in temperature can irritate things. Try not to drink anything that would be hot or cold, or at least moderate the temperature before you do. Also, chewing with your mouth closed can keep cold air from reaching the sensitive tooth.

You may need to avoid certain foods. Anything that is sticky could risk pulling the filling out before it sets in. Hard foods, along the lines of nuts, can obviously increase discomfort, but they can also pull the fillings out. Finally, Sugary foods and drinks can cause some irritation, so wait until things settle before you partake.

As you follow these guidelines, you can feel more comfortable and allow the filling to set in. After roughly two days, you can start going about your daily routine without much concern. However, if the discomfort persists for about a week or longer, our prosthodontistss can take a look to uncover the cause and help you feel better.

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