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Are you aware of the amazing effect cosmetic dentistry treatments can have on your smile? Are you looking to remove damage or discolorations on your teeth? Do you have severely broken or damaged teeth that are in need of repair? Do you want to upgrade your smile by replacing missing or lost teeth? If so, all of these procedures are possible through the use of cosmetic dentistry. Effective cosmetic dentistry options to consider include the following:

Tooth Replacement Treatments:
– Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth with removable options for as little as one missing tooth or entire rows of teeth.
– Dental bridges replace missing or lost teeth with options that link and connect to nearby or neighboring teeth.
– Dental implants are designed to attach tooth replacements directly to your jawbone for a superior hold that will provide lasting benefits for a lifetime.

Tooth Restoration Treatments:
– Dental crowns are caps placed on top of teeth for a durable hold that can completely cover up a tooth and provide additional protection and a customizable look.
– Dental veneers are extremely popular options for customizing the look of your smile with thin shells placed on the fronts of teeth.
– Dental bonding treatments are designed to conceal and cover up issues on the surface of teeth.
– Teeth whitening systems are designed to eradicate deep stains and discolorations and help whiten your teeth for the shining smile you desire.

If you would like to discuss a cosmetic dentistry treatment with Dr. Taylor Goggins and the rest of our team here at Denver Restorative Dentistry, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Broomfield, Colorado. Our number is 303-586-1019. Let us help you with all of your oral health care needs!