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Just because a tooth is severely damaged, it does not necessarily need to be extracted. Even when many other treatment options have been exhausted, it may be possible to save a tooth with a dental crown.

A dental crowns is highly reliable treatment option designed to cap and conceal a tooth teeth on all sides down to the gum line. Not are crowns customizable to give you the look that you desire, but they are also extremely durable to help protect your teeth for decades to come. In fact, dental crowns can last anywhere from two decades up to an entire lifetime of use.

Dental crowns can support bridges and protect teeth than have had root canals. Furthermore, dental crowns are extremely effective and safe for children that are have had trouble with tooth decay. They can even be used to bind together bits of broken teeth and hold together fillings and teeth when there’s not enough tooth remaining to hold a filling.

If you would like information about dental crown treatments in Broomfield, Colorado, Denver Restorative Dentistry would love to help you. For a thorough examination to determine if dental crowns are right for you, you can set an appointment with Dr. Taylor Goggins by calling our dentist office at 303-586-1019.