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A cavity that affects one of your teeth can often start out small. As time goes on, the tooth decay will continue to spread. If you forego professional treatment with Dr. Taylor Goggins, the tooth can become so badly compromised that it severely fractures near the gumline.

Dr. Goggins might be able to treat a tooth in this condition by performing a root canal. This will save the tooth so that it can serve as an anchor for a dental crown.

In a case where the damage to the tooth is severe, or a large abscess develops in the gums Dr. Goggins might suggest an extraction. After any infected material has been removed, Dr. Goggins will suture your gums and provide you with a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics.

After your gums have healed, Dr. Goggins can help you understand your dental restoration options. One of the more effective and popular options is a dental bridge.

This is a single artificial tooth that will be fused to open crowns on each end. This typically requires two separate appointments. The first prepares the two neighboring teeth as abutments, or anchors for the dental bridge. After the bridge has been created in a dental lab, Dr. Goggins will cement the dental work in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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