If you are missing most or all of your teeth, dental bridges and implants alone may not be sufficient for your smile. Our team of dental professionals at Denver Restorative Dentistry can help you restore your smile to its full potential with complete or partial dentures.

We offer a variety of denture options in two main categories:

    • Fixed dentures are paired with dental implants to provide a firm, long-lasting hold that cannot shift out of place. These dentures may be complete, partial, or all-on-four.
    • Removable dentures are comprised of a metal framework, pink plastic to mimic gum tissue, and plastic or resin teeth. While most complete, partial, and immediate removable dentures use a seal to provide support for your smile, Snap-On dentures latch onto dental implants, which are surgically implanted in your jawbone.

Whether you choose fixed or removable dentures, our prosthodontists and team will utilize the utmost care in preparing your custom set. We use dental impressions to capture the shape and movements of your mouth so that we can accommodate tooth size, esthetics, and any unique qualities your smile possesses. While you wait for your dentures to be completed, we can provide you with a temporary set that will allow you to speak, smile, and chew comfortably.

We invite you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our prosthodontists if you would like to receive fixed or removable dentures in Broomfield, Colorado.