If you have suffered tooth decay or dental injury, Denver Restorative Dentistry can offer you a dental filling that is both durable and pleasing to the eye. Our dental fillings are comprised of composite resin, a high-quality material that can become virtually undetectable by matching the natural shade of your tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings provide other benefits that metal fillings do not, such as:

  • A more conservative placement that does not require as much of the original tooth structure to be removed
  • The ability to bond directly to the tooth surface, strengthening the tooth
  • Greater resistance to wear and tear over time
  • Less sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

Our dental team can provide your filling in as little as one visit to our office. During the appointment, we will remove the decayed or injured parts of your tooth before cleaning it to erase all traces of damage. We will then place the filling and shape it to fit comfortable against your tooth. When the filling is ready, we will harden it to increase the durability for a long-lasting result.

Learn more about composite dental fillings in Broomfield, Colorado, by contacting our office today and scheduling your appointment with our skilled prosthodontists, Dr. Goggins and Dr. Aguirre.